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foam slide matsFoam Water Slide Mats

Mats that last longer. Foam Slide Mats will last longer and perform better than just about every mat on the market! Mats are constructed with a super strong foam material to provide a long service life. Unlike other mat materials, The mats do not tear easily. Many customers tell us that while using other mat materials, park patrons pick at the mats while waiting in line. We have even heard about park personnel finding large bite marks on their mats. After a season of “picking” and normal wear, most mats made with other materials are destroyed. These mats are made with a dense closed-cellfoam material that is extremely tough and durable. Since the mats are stronger and do not tear easily, park patrons find it more difficult to “pick” at these mats.

Textured Top / Smooth Bottom
All Mats are made with a different texture on each side. The bottom surface is slick for better slide performance and the top features a non-skid textured surface.

No Laminations. Although each side of the mats have different textures, mats are made as an integrated, single piece of material. There are no laminations to peel away!

MF-48 is Color Coded
The MF-48 Foam Slide Mats are color coded so that riders and ride operators always know the top from the bottom. The smooth bottom is yellow and the textured top is available in a variety of colors. With the 2-color system, riders simply put the yellow side down and go.

Sold in Cartons of 20, $33.00 ea. mat - $43.00 ea. if bought singly

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